thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-11, Adam Dray wrote:

"Overwhelmingly, people who've played Forge games list Forge games among the most fun they've had."

And lots of Cyberpunk, too. I want to understand that better!


This makes Chris go "Cyberpunk!"
I think Cyberpunk was a very flexible system with low handling time. I know for me, it was a "go-to" system that pretty much made stuff like GURPS unnecessary.

This makes VB go "Cyberpunk 1 was slick."
It wasn't a great game by today's standards, but it had a lot going for it back in '90. I wish I still had my books, I'd say more.

This makes BL go "Cyberpunk is great"
It happens that the game just rocks.

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