thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-13, Chris wrote:


I don't think you have to market -too much- to the adventurous guy- he or she is always looking at new stuff, trying to see what is out there.  What you need to market to is to have enough "bridge" to make the rest of the group say, "Hey, that sounds interesting, let's try it out!".  And with it, as Tony says, it's got to be explicit about what the fun is, and what makes it different than anything else out there.

There's plenty of naysayers who hear a little about Riddle of Steel or Burning Wheel and go, "I could do that with D20/HARP/Rolemaster", but they're missing what the real coolness of it is.

Part of it is a distinctive Core Story, setting hooks (because, well, people who recognize that system matters usually don't have a hard time trying new games...), and flashy imagery to sell it.


This makes BR go "Yep. You have to give the ass enough to sell it to his group"

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