thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-17, Jonas Barka wrote:

Interesting article.

In general I feel the same way as Merten (no surprise), but that is not really the point here.

The problem when exposed to a new way to play is to know if it will be fun if you give it a fair chance or if it just isn't your cup of tea. And if it got the potential to be fun will it be fun enough to warrant working thru the initial problems?

I can play any game once but if I get the feeling "this isn't as fun as I can have playing something else" how do I know if I should continue trying. I do not want to miss out on something that will eventually get fantastic but neither do I want to waste time on less-fun.

The main mistake (in my opinion) when trying to sell "Forge" games is to adopt the "You have been doing it wrong all the time and I know the one true way. You just imagine having fun!" attitude, that pops up more often than not. Gaming groups that do belive they have fun already will conclude that their fun is so different that a Forge game could never work for them. With this attitude you could reach out to the not-fun-yet crowd but never the already-fun majority.


This makes Merten go "No suprises here, either"
It'd be intresting to see to see an attempt on rules that would not break immersion, but strenghten it. I'd check it out.

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