thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-10-21, Kirk wrote:

Ooh??? Shiny. Its like all of a sudden this little light in my head has gone ???bing!??? and I understand???or at least I think I do. Ok. Now I have a question: How exactly do you design one of these? Or you can???t and they just ???show up??? and you then go ???Hey! So that???s why this game works!???

My feeling is that you have to have a really, really good understanding of how all the little bits fit together to create such a Fruitful Void.

Are these like the Emergent Properties over in HampsterProphesy?


This makes KM go "I hate MSWord..."
Just replace all the ? with the appropriate punctuation. Grumble, mutter mutter.

This makes sdm go "re: word"
I find it handy to C&P to notepad (or simple text), then recopy & paste. It fixes the quotes automagically.

This makes NDP go "Yes!"
A little late to this comment...but yes. Totally emergent properties.

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