thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-10-21, Ron Edwards wrote:


Anyone remembered that diagram in Chapter 1 in Sex & Sorcery, yet? All there.



This makes BR go "Sure, but now its explicit and coherent."
Sometimes Ron, I swear, I think you're like this mad CoC god who sees such terrible visions that you need your prophet Vincent to be able to explain it to the mortals in human speak.

This makes KM go "Dude..."
That's totally how I envisage Ron! (no offence intended in the least, actually, take it as a complement)

This makes SF go "Darwin-Huxley instead?"
Err, I've always preferred to think of Ron Edwards & Vincent Baker as Darwin & T.H. Huxley (or Aristotle & Plato?): Achieving revolutionary insight in a field requires different skills than explaining the revolution to a wide audience.

This makes SF go "Whoops"
Socrates & Plato, I meant, darnit. (N.B. not comparing RPGs to biology or philosophy in terms of importance to society; just analogizing patterns).

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