thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-10-22, Emily Care wrote:


scene framing/attr dice
bonus dice

There are stats about love (attraction/compatibility) but nothing that says when the characters "fall in love", except in retrospect.  Thinking about mechanizing that moment is tellingly comical.  It would deaden the game.  Of I could have written the game so that you drive the characters toward a goal (5 attr, 5 comp etc) at which you trigger end, like mlwm.

I think the fruitful void is about love & vulnerability (and the interactions between the players themselves) and the driving wind is the goal of bringing the characters together.

In every system, you need to have something open for the players to decide/have input into and so on. When I'm thinking about writing a game, I look for the place in a setting or situation that is in imbalance—where a character would be pushed to cross a line one way or another. That's what makes it vital.  Oh, and the choice has to matter to the player or else it has no snap.

The whirlwind thingee shows how the actual procedures we choose take advantage of & get the player to engage with that imbalance.


This makes MH go "Great examples"
Bringing characters together, situation in imbalance - pretty much sums it up for me

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