thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-10-24, Matt Wilson wrote:

"The work order." I like that, mister V.

I'm thinking to make the 'work order' in your game really good, it has to be a little selfish. You have to want the players to create something in particular, something you'd want to read about over in Actual Play. You have to figure out how to get players to make stuff up that's within your acceptable boundaries.

Don't do "whatever you want" with my game. Screw that. Do these things listed here. Do that, and it'll guarantee* an Actual Play report that I will totally dig.

* I dunno if any games really have that guarantee yet, but I know I strive for it.


This makes MB go "Yep."
I can think of a couple games that consistantly come through with the fun if played as written, but don't when 'whatever you want' happens.

This makes JB go "Yes yes yes!"
We need more games that don't leave holes you can drive a truck through in the procedures of play. Speaking of which, I need to go install some jumbo-sized patch kits in Reality Cops...

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