thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-10-27, Vincent wrote:

Kirk: "All of this makes double-plus much sense, but I think I'm on the same level as Joshua. I understand but am not competent enough to encorporate it into readily into the game.

If I dare ask, what are your thoughts on that?"

Play games! Play Forge RPGs, of course, but even more importantly, play non-RPG games. Play them with your eyes open. Notice how their rules make you feel and act. Compare, like, Carcassonne with The Great Brain Robbery, the Sim City CCG with Starbase Jeff, Backgammon with Mancala, Zero with RoboRally, Diplomacy with that game about killing dragons and arguing over their hoards. How come one game is more fun than another?

Playing RPGs, you get distracted by thinking about creativity and authorship and, like, who the players are. Playing non-RPGs, it's easier to see just how the fun comes from good design.

The two games I credit with my own personal epiphany are Universalis and Pit.

Anyhow yeah, yours is the best problem in the world. Its solution is to play games with your friends.


This makes KM go "Yay!"
Yay (again)! Now to the serious business of playing games.

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