thread: 2005-10-20 : The Fruitful Void

On 2005-11-10, Vincent wrote:

A bit of housekeeping:

Everybody who's talking about the SIS needs to say what you really mean instead, please. I've hated the term "SIS" since its inception and I don't think you're all using it consistently.

There will be no arguments here about the term or its definition. Just stop using it; construct your posts without it.

Non-thematic, Non-roleplaying
I don't think it's turning out to be helpful to talk about what a fruitful void-analogue might be in non-thematic roleplaying or non-roleplaying. Interesting for certain in some circumstances somewhere - but not to the point here.

Thank you!


This makes JCL go "good, I'm not the only one"
I've gotten used to using the term "SiS", but I hate it, and I was superconfused when the people playing Forge Buzzword Bingo decided the new term of the week would be "SiS", only I missed the definition.

This makes VG go "Non-roleplaying"
But Vincent, thematic roleplaying is an act of creating thematic fiction. How could the void of thematic fiction not be the point here? It is the exact thing you are talking about - at least, that is my contention.

This makes VB go "VG: fine, but..."
But then you two need to recognize that there are TWO possible fruitful void-analogues: the one that makes the writer write, and the one that makes the reader read.

This makes VG go "Perhaps, but..."
I'm not sure the two can be distinguished.

This makes SF go "Yeah, that analogy hit its limits"
And, indeed, it's the fact that, in contrast to other arts, creators = audience in roleplaying that makes it both problematic and glorious.

This makes JBR go "No SIS: Hear Fucking Hear!"

This makes S.u.V. go "Shared Unimagined Void"
Is Fruitful Void any better than SiS, as a term? --SiS is culty, but Fruitful Void is mystic-mumbo-jumbo culty. Same or worse.

This makes VB go "heh."
Problem is, there's an easy way to talk about the fiction of the game. Talking about the difference between a compelling game design and a lifeless one is harder.

This makes VB go "also, SUV..."
...Are you going to contribute or just piss?

This makes Curly go "nonhostile"
S.u.V. was a joke acronym, but I'm serious-- serious enough to make a note in a margin, at least. Fruitful Void is a good concept, but I'm wary of the TERM. It's poetic & open-ended. So it can be stretched to mean things far from the core idea you've presented. Stretched until it's a meaningless faux-profound buzzword. Fruitful Void is good enough, tho. I can live with it, without making further stink.

This makes MB go "Dude..."
'The Fruitful Void' is the name of the post. So far I don't think anyone (except maybe you) has understood it to be new gaming lexicon. Although the drift is clear to see, and appealing from a certain angle.

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