thread: 2005-08-31 : The Dragon Killer Fishbowl

On 2005-11-14, Vincent wrote:

The First Map
- A player other than the GM has to make the first map. GM: if no one volunteers, choose someone. (In my experience, someone volunteers.)

- The first map has to be large-scale. It has to show a) the ocean, b) the mountains, c) the forest, d) several strongholds, freeholds and farmholds, e) a couple of major rivers, islands, peaks, lakes, etc. This is a map of the whole land, not a single region or province.

- The first map, like all maps, has to be not-to-scale. Halder's farmhold is as big as a mountan? Just fine. The first map also, like all maps, has to be on a quarter-sheet of paper: not too detailed.

- Okay, now, have the player drawing the map choose a place on the map for the Dragon Killer's stronghold and mark it such.

- Have the player center a dime on the Dragon Killer's stronghold and trace the circle around it. Inside this circle, the Born Dead have grown to adulthood.

- Have the player center a quarter and trace around it. Inside this circle, all babies are Born Dead.

- Have the player freehand a larger circle around that one, perhaps considering natural boundaries. Inside this circle, all kings, rulers and leaders are Corrupt - or fighting desperately to remain true.

- Beginning play, when the players say where their characters are, they can use the first map.

- In play, as you create new maps, mark their locations on the first map.


This makes JK go "Why are maps so much damned fun?"
But they ARE. I just re-read the Sorcerer & Sword bit on maps and used geo-morphs in our last TSoY game. Fun, fun, fun.

This makes ecb go "Wicked fun."
I tell ya, when we drew that second circle around the Dragon Killer's lair, a chill went down my spine. I cold *see* the pulse of evil enveloping the land.

This makes XP go "Because..."
maps are full of promises for amazing places to explore.

This makes SF go "Suggestive, not prescriptive"
Maps - and Vincent's deities descriptions below, for that matter -- provide both structure and lots of open space for us to imagine.

This makes sdm go "Very cool"
I'm a map monkey!

This makes IE go "I'm hooked. Sold."

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This reminds Adam of US currency only? ;)

This reminds NinJ of The Dark Crystal shows the way.