thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-28, xenopulse wrote:

My current roleplaying group was in existence when I joined, and my coworker is the main player in it. It still took us a while to bring it up and figure out that we could play together. It's a little strange; I don't think it's the geek factor as much as having to explain, like Iskander said, what this weird thing actually is.

Case in point, my friend and I were talking about our game in the lunch room and our new secretary overheard us. She was curious, and we tried to explain it to her, which wasn't very successful. Of course, he came from the "it's like a wargame" side (he's a hard core, old school Gamist), and I tried to explain it from the "collaborative storytelling" side. The only reason she sort of figured out what we were talking about is that she had played "Choose Your Own Adventure" books in her youth, and that served as a "Yes, like that, only with us making up the adventure together" spring board.

So some people here at work know, but aside from the one who's playing too, they can't quite grasp what it is. I don't hide it, but I'm just not successful in relaying the activity to others.


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