thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-28, Vincent wrote:

Oh hey, this just occured to me: I bet that very few of you know how much I enjoy working with paper as an artistic medium. I make paper things.

But when I show up at the make-paper-snowflakes table at the kids' holiday shindig at All Souls:

Sample Person: How come yours are like a hundred times better than mine?
Me: Well, um, y'know, I take my paper craft very seriously.
Sample Person: You what?
Me: Yeah, I mean I've like read books about making paper snowflakes.
Sample Person: ...?
Me: [ashamed, embarrassed]

Similar problem.


This makes Isk go "I bet you like..."
bOing bOing - they frequently post cool papercraft stuff there, like a papercraft 3D puzzle you made the pieces for, then had to figure out how to assemble. Neat.

This makes JEL go "Paper is good!"

This makes JAK go "Snowflake Books? Please tell!"
That sounds kinda interesting, actually. Can you reveal some snowflake books worth looking at? I'm a big paper snowflake fiend, but never thought about looking for BOOKS on the subject. -Andy

This makes RE go "Gasp!"
You fucking weirdo, Vincent.

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This reminds VB of Kirigami-A-Day Calendar

This reminds VB of Search for "kirigami" at Amazon