thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-28, Andy K wrote:

Yeah, my interactions are like Matt W's pretty much.

However, just to test the waters every now and then I drop a big RPG-bomb and watch what kind of fish I hook.

Ex: We have this internal engineer chat-room thing for actual questions and daily fun BS at work.  Anyway, every once in a blue moon I drop a reference to D&D or something to see what kind of replies I get. Like:

Andy: Hey, I'm having problems going through this CIFS packet trace, can someone tell me what's wrong here?
Person X: Hey, you seem to be looking at the wrong folder. The packet trace you want is in this other folder over there.
Andy: Aw fuck, I totally fumbled my perception roll there.*
Person Z: LOL
(Andy: "Aha!  Person Z might be an RP-er.  Must investigate further").  At my last job I found that like 6 people in my 30-person department were active RPers. In my current job I already found about 3-4 people that way, but I stopped doing it because I'm already inundated with gaming, thanks to the efforts of Clinton, Jason M and Erik in Chapel Hill...

-Andy K


This makes JAK go "Oh, regarding that "*""
*: Actual event was much funnier than this dumb example which I pulled out of my ass. Normally i drop RPG-bombs that are wittier than that, or a little more subtle.

This makes ecb go "it's like drawing a fish on the ground..."
...or making the secret "hi" sign. Rp'ers have their own secret code. What did a biologist friend of mine say once--sub-populations will be more competitive if they can recogize other members of their ilk. Hence goths wear black, etc. Ron will correct me, of course. : )

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