thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-28, Sven wrote:

Well it's hard to be that secret if you at the same time want to keep a roleplaying presence at this net-thing.

So, here I move from Sweden to Turkey to escape my past (ok, so that wasn't the real reason, but anyway). After two weeks at my new job the PhD student that sits next to me say "Sven, I found your homepage." and show my rpg-page with old baldy me (more hair now).

"Well, hrm. Oh, *That* one. That's *one* of my homepages. It's nothing." It's easy to be open about it over the net. But looking someone i the eye and say, "I roleplay."... Well, I'm getting better at it.

/Sven Polyfem transformed (now living!)


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