thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-28, Matthijs Holter wrote:

I'm way open about it. Recently, I got a job (wahey!) - and to the interview, I brought my CV and the two RPG books I've written. So when they asked "So... what did you do for the last two years?", I said "well, temp teaching and oh, I wrote these two books", and put them on the table. It's amazing - really _amazing_ how much cred you get for having books published (at least in Norway); people who usually think I should be doing worthwhile stuff with my life now congratulate me and show real curiosity about RPGs.

In general, it seems people usually have a confused idea about RPGs being either LARPs or D&D treasure hunts. It's a bit too much effort to explain how what I do is different from that, and to most people - it really isn't.

And this is a point: We should be humble about what we do, I think, because to most eyes, there's not that much difference between playing RIFTS and Sorcerer.

I present what I do as a hobby that I see as very valuable, but I don't expect people to get it. That is, of course, mostly their problem, not mine, but it's a pity nonetheless.


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