thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, Nathan P. wrote:

I mostly get a "huh, cool" response from non-gamers, then the conversation moves on. Real example from the weekend!

Friends Parents Friend: So, I'm curious, do any of you [younger college-going folk] have a blog?
Me: Yeh, but it's not like a "my-life" blog. It's very focused on a specific thing.
Her: Oh, what do you write about?
Me: Well, one of my big hobbies is talking about and writing games. Not, like, computer games - pen & paper games. So it's pretty much a game design theory blog/development journal.
Friends Parents Friends Daughter, who evidently doesn't have good listening skills: Do you need, like, electronic equipment to play?
Me: No, it's just pen, paper and people around a table*.
Inattentive Girl: Oh, that's cool.

Conversation moves on.

Later the husband asked whether I did "hex-based" games, and we got into a conversation about Avalon Hill, which was pretty cool.

I've actually had a lot of conversations where I say "do you know anything about D&D", and the other person says "no" and I say "ok, good" and then go about the explanation. It's kind of an indicator as to whether they have a kind of framework for me to use for my explanation or not, but recently I've been running into less and less people who do know anything about D&D. I don't know whether that means anything.

*Incidentally, I think I'm going to start using "Pen, Paper & People" as a tagline of some kind.


This makes RE go "Great tagline"
Consider "Pen, Paper & People" stolen.

This makes NDP go "Spread it like the wind!"
Every RPG should have that sentence on it somewhere, methinks.

This makes BL go "PenCIL"
That way, you can erase. But, yeah, great tagline.

This makes SDL go "Ditto on the Tag!"

This makes go "Excellent!"
Not to be confused with "Public/Private Partnerships," which are of the Devil.

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