thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, eef wrote:

We need codewords.

For instance, when a guy says "My partner and I saw a movie last weekend ..." it's a pretty good bet that partner is another guy.



This makes MB go "Vomit :)"
There are many places where this, unfortunately in my mind, is true. It's also one of the reasons I use partner a lot. It's not their business what my married state or gender preferences are. I see partner as the correlary to Ms. - all I'm saying is it's a person I'm involved with, the rest you'll know when I tell you. (Oddly,this leads to the nesesary disctinction 'my business partner' sometimes. Ahh, the vagueries of language.)

This makes XP go "In German..."
... people use "Life Companion" (Lebensgefaehrte) all the time when they're in an unmarried relationship, and it works for heterosexual as well as homosexual couples.

This makes NinJ go "Meg, that's where we live, don't forget."
Carrie and I refer to each other as partners, and I think people are a little disappointed when they discover that we're different sexes.

This makes JBB go "This is the default in Vancouver"

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