thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, Keith wrote:

I usually say.  Do you know what a computer RPG is?  Okay like that without the computer and so much better.

I like watching my dad try to explain it to people...

Mr. S: My son Keith wrote and illustrated a book.
Random: A novel?
Mr. S: No a game book.
Random: Ummm.  Like one of those game guides my kids like for the Nintendo.
Mr. S: No.  Ummm.  It is kinda like a board game, but not.  Do you know what Dungeon & Dragons is?
Random: Umm.  No.
Mr. S: Well he makes extra money for vacations and stuff cause he does all the work himself.  Got that from me.


This makes MS go "So's yer old man"
Mr. S is the man. My old man's taken to showing off Dust Devils and, now, Nine Worlds to friends. He says "look at the name on the spine." I cringe. Then, the friend's wife asks about it, and says, "We should play this some time." Thanks, Dad!

This makes BL go "Middle-aged and older woman"
Are a *massive* untapped market for games.

This makes MB go "Dude..."
Women in general are an untapped market. On other geeky boards I frequent (see Meguey's Dollz under Solace, front page), I'd hazzard that 75-80% of the 98% female members are also gamers, mostly of on-line RPG type, and I'm betting one main reason is no suitably grabby P-cubed game near them or in their awareness.

This makes XP go "Women..."
... are big in online freeform RP communities. I've talked about that before, it's at least 50% if not more women in those forums that I've seen. And they always range from teenage girls to middle-aged mothers.

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