thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, Peter Dyring-Olsen wrote:

I think there are several things involved here. First and foremost, I try to be very open and honest about all my geeky interests. Yes, goddammit - I used to play and enjoy the hell out of D&D - I don't anymore, but I treasure the memory. Most "non-gamer" people will not understand the subtle - yet important - differences between D&D and PTA, though. So what? I mean, I have the exact same exp. with playing original, slightly experimental music: I can choose either to be accurate (and then people lose interest) or I can say: "Well, it's sort of like Radiohead". At the end of the day it's all good: some people will then listen to the music and understand (or not).
You see, around here (Copenhagen, Denmark) there are so many people in cool jobs that are also roleplayers. Or musicians. Or both. Hell, my boss used to play Gurps and D&D, he is an avid fantasy fan and recently published his own fantastic children's book. A whole lot of popular culture is so close to a lot of the rpg exp - and it's just not that very uncool to be a roleplayer anymore. Actually "geek" is the new cool ;-)
As a matter of fact, I often have the experience that my "non-gamer" friends are interested and intrigued when I tell of my latest rpg experience - and, dare I say, slightly jealous.


This makes MW go "Danmark er fedt nok!"
I can't believe how many rollspillers I met when I was there.

This makes PDO go "You really should..."
...come visit again, Matt!

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