thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, Jason M wrote:

Everybody at works knows that I am an avid player of FPS computer games, so I get a free pass whenever I answer "gaming" to the "what did you do this weekend?" question.  They just nod and move on.  That said, I've become *much* more open about my enthusiasm in the last year.  Like other folks in this thread, I find it extraordinarily difficult to explain what I'm up to with D&D as the primary touchstone.

Me:  I'm designing and publishing a roleplaying game.
Some Guy:  Like D&D?
Me:  Sure, but you play it to completion in one evening.
Some Guy:  Cool.
Me:  And it takes place on a college campus in 1919.
Some Guy:  Uh...
Me:  And there's this telepathic Sumerian roach that crawls into your sinus cavity.  It's hilarious.

This matter-of-fact approach consistently fails for some reason!  I need to work on that.


This makes AD go "Better con write-up than MACE's though"

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