thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-29, Roger wrote:

Maybe it's just me, but I think we're missing something important here.  I tried to bring it up earlier, but failed, so maybe it is just me.

Vincent Baker.  This is the guy who wrote a game about eviscerating cute little puppy dogs in order to gain occult powers from Satan himself.  The guy who wrote a game about gun-toting Mormon thugs who roll into towns and stomp out heresies like homosexuality and empowered women.  (I know I'm making wild and inaccurate generalizations here—bear with me.)

Why does he care what other people think of his hobby?

(Vincent, sorry to talk about you like you're not even in the room.  Dramatic effect, and all.  I'd like to hear your answer too.)


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