thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-30, Charles Wotton wrote:


Yeah, I grant you I probably wouldn't get into deep gaming philosophy in the staff room.  However, I made my post based on a snippet of recently overheard conversation:

the subject of D&D came up, was affirmed as something people had observed other kids doing years ago, then someone mentioned with something like scorn (I thought, though I may just have been feeling insecure) that not all the people she'd noticed playing it were children.

I'm not sure if I can generalize from this one case, but I do get the sense sometimes that 'geek-pursuits' are sometimes looked down upon as kind of immature.  Genre fiction, for example, especially sci-fi / fantasy is rarely considered 'real literature.'

Of course we make exceptions for movies that make fortunes at the box office—supporting Meguey's point about 'Work ethic' in post 34.

I seem to recall Ursula K LeGuin talking about something like this in her essay "Why are Americans Afraid of Dragons", but, tragically, I can't put my hands on it.


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