thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-30, ffilz wrote:

Interesting discussion. I am slowly getting less uncomfortable with telling people about my geeky hobbies (though I've never been ashamed of telling people I read fantasy and science fiction, and definitely not about model railroading). For me, part of my reticence is that as a kid I was the one who was always teased about things (and even into adulthood my parents teased me some about various things). I also grew up in New England, where askign people about personal things is a lot less common than other places (not like in North Carolina where grocery store clerks ask you what church you go to without any particular provocation). Working in a conservative, though open minded company (IBM) is also a factor. I'm very slow to share my personal life at work.

On the other hand, I've never been self conscious about having guests see my RPG stuff on the bookshelfs (and it's hard to miss...). I got a little self conscious when I started having LEGO around the house, but I have to admit, other than my mother, I have not had a negative reaction to seeing my LEGO room... (and no few compliments about how neatly it is organized), well ok, one of my friends keeps suggesting I get rid of it (he's probably jealous though...).

I'm sure I'm missing lots of opportunities to meet other gamers and get free LEGO though...

Though there's a perfect opportunity to be more open about the LEGO... A few of our break areas have LEGO tables (inheritted from the Informix offices)... I've yet to even sit down at one (and have yet to see anyone at one).



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