thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-30, Dave wrote:

Maybe only Vincent will get this example - hopefully not. For me, being openly gamer is sort of like being openly Mormon. I mean, like every week at church, they're encouraging you to "share the gospel with a friend or a neighbor" but dude, it just isn't that easy or cool. Those conversations go:

...conversation lead-up
Me: I'm Mormon
Them: You mean those guys on the bikes? The ones with the multiple wives?
Me: Look man, its not like that...

Which is totally the same conversation as
Me: I'm a roleplaying gamer
Them: You mean like some kind of D&D cult?
Me: Look man, its not like that...

Both cases being examples of the awkwardness/bafflement I think Vincent is talking about. So, without really making this about RPG-evangelism, I thought maybe I'd borrow a page from all those "spreading the gospel" pep-talks I've been in. Some ways to be open about your status as a gamer:

-"Build on Common Beliefs" take some time to talk about their hobbies, why those things are interesting to them. When something comes up that reminds you of something you like about your game, identify it and share a little of what your experience is.

-You can be quietly open about it by, for example, having a printed out copy of RPG Design Patterns on your desk which you openly read during lunch. Eventually, someone will ask you about it



This makes Dave go "Oops! and Brand!"

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