thread: 2005-11-28 : Closeted

On 2005-11-30, Vincent wrote:

Roger, thank you. It's a pretty good answer, better than I could've done. Can I give you a couple more pieces to fill in?

Piece one: Family and friends, then guests and hosts, amounts to maybe 100, 150 people in my life. That's counting all you all as guests.

Piece two, from this post about kill puppies for satan:

Killing puppies = being a geek.  It gives you power in your own marginal circle, but alienates you from actual society.  I think that many of us have to balance that in our lives, I know I do all the time.  Most games offer wish fulfillment—in fantasy I'm powerful! I'm rich! I'm sexy! I'm immortal! they fear me now!—which is appealing, but not that good for me, right?  Puppies is more like American Movie, genuinely sympathetic to me and my problematic geeky life.


This makes RC go "Interesting."

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