thread: 2005-12-02 : The End of As-We-Know-It

On 2005-12-02, Roger wrote:

The Forge is nothing more or less than the sovereign territory of Ron Edwards.

It took me a little while to realize that, but it retrospect, it's blindingly obvious.  Within this context, these sorts of announcements are not only not surprising, but inevitable.

Whether anyway is the sovereign territory of Vincent Baker is perhaps not quite as clear.


This makes RE go "and Clinton Nixon"
Never said any different. offers a viable alternative.

This makes RC go "Absolutely"

This makes BT go ""
is the sovereign territory of whomever can shout the loudest. I have never had a productive discussion there.

This makes ecb go "huh?"
The format of a blog makes it ever so much more clear who originates the content. The forums of the forge made for a different dynamic.

This makes ecb go ""huh?" about anyway, that is."

This makes BR go "I've had productive discussions on"
Frequently. Just not recently.

This makes go "Really?"
I'm not saying I don't wish I had, BR. You've been luckier than I.

This makes WMW go "Signal to noise"
I have learned from people at rpgnet. I just wax and wane about whether my skin is thick enough to wade through the inevitable crap without turning toxic.

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