thread: 2005-12-02 : The End of As-We-Know-It

On 2005-12-02, Vincent wrote:

Roger: "Whether anyway is the sovereign territory of Vincent Baker is perhaps not quite as clear."


Care to test it?


This makes MW go "That's it! Uprising!"
I heard V lost the blog in a bad hand of cards.

This makes VB go "bring it, Wilson."
The one in my right hand's engraved with 'righteous,' and the one in my left's engraved with 'anger.'

This makes MW go "Activate Lego caltrops!"
Maybe they're only like 1d2, but baby they add up.

This makes VB go "owie! Dammit. Ouch! Hold on."
Jeez, how many of these things did you scatter?

This makes NinJ go "Hm. Hard to make."
I can't think of a way to make a Lego tetrahedron in any sort of graceful way. ... but aren't Legos pretty much born caltrops anyway?

This makes MW go "That's been my experience"
Natural caltrops. They're also excellent for sabotaging enemy vacuum cleaners.

This makes VB go "that's what I was talking about!"
The vacuum cleaner in my right hand: righteous. The one in my left: anger.

This makes VB go "CLACK rattle rattle rattle."

This makes JB go "Go central vac, Vincent..."
Ours eats Lego and cares not. Tea balls and re-useable corks on the other hand, those make it whine something fierce. Then we have to take it all apart. That whole "kids put stuff anywhere" thing.... -James

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