thread: 2005-12-02 : The End of As-We-Know-It

On 2005-12-02, luke wrote:

I started a flamewar on

it had to be done.


This makes WMW go "A funeral pyre"
or maybe a bundle of illicit celebratory fireworks

This makes Chris go "Helps me add to the Ignore list"

This makes VB go "I <3 RPGnet."
Luke taught me to <3 it, and now I do.

This makes luke go "i loved so much"
i bought the company. I'm now an official lifetime member of oh and what does <3 mean?

This makes MW go "oh my sweet lord"
Hilarity ensues.

This makes VB go "<3 means a heart."
On its side. <3, see?

This makes luke go "i see"
a nose and an icecream cone. two of my favorite things!

This makes misuba go "<3 means the head of a mouse"
Any other explanations are false and treasonous.

This makes luke go "much funny"

This makes JCL go "my favorite part"
... is the big long "RETRACT YOUR LIES!" argument. still waiting for the Hitler and childmolesting accusations to start flying...

This makes luke go "wankery"
it degraded into semantic wankery but god, was it fun! The real key is the very civil BIG MODEL thread that's quietly transpiring while everyone else freaks out

This makes JAK go "My favorite bit"
Was the "Kool Aid" reference by page two. Gareth Skarka, we miss you man, seriously. Come back. Come back to The Forge.

This makes JAK go "I would seriously pay $100.00..."
to have Ron Edwards go into that thread, and say: "This discussion is now (italics)closed(/italics). -Best" Seriously. $100.00. :-)

This makes JBR go "I want my Kool-Aid"
We've had Kool-Aid this entire time? Why haven't I got some? I'm sitting over here dying of thirst!

This makes MM go "Luke, you start the best flamewars"

This makes XP go "34 pages?"
You gotta be kidding me.

This makes luke go "hope springs eternal"
i'm hoping everyone is just resting. It's gotta hit 50 before it's even memorable. But it's worth reading to 34! They eulogize Ron!!!

This makes BL go "Kool-Aid?"
I could use some. Thirsty. Except if it's grape. Blech.

This makes TC go "How do they do it?"
Ugh, how can they just go on and on about one thing? Seriously, 36 pages of that stuff? Don't they get tired?

This makes JB go "Luke, you're a cruel and vicious man."
Thanks. I haven't been this entertained by a forum in months, easily. -James

This makes luke go "Noo!!"
I can't believe it's over! Mearls was kicking ass in there! Why'd they close it?

This makes BL go "Dead at 40"
Burned, man. Burned.

This makes WMW go "I can't believe I killed the thread"
And with limericks, yet. Seriously, two words: Kyle Marquis.

This makes luke go "huh?"
Kyle wha? I thought it was moochava?

This makes WMW go "Handle vs name. Same guy."

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This reminds VB of linked!

This reminds JCL of Retract Your Lies