thread: 2005-12-02 : The End of As-We-Know-It

On 2005-12-03, Victor Gijsbers wrote:

Partly, yes. I think good theory is valuable in its own right.

But I don't think the goal of creating good games is served by this manoeuver either, because of two reasons. First, even 'pure' theory will generallt impact applications after some time. Second, 'applied' theory is not always most easily discussed in conjunction with a particular example of play.

I agree with what John Kim has to say about this.

Oh well.



This makes BL go "I, for one..."
Am looking forward to having theory discussions in different mediums, like anyway and This is my Blog and such.

This makes WMW go "I kinda feel like Victor, except"
that I know I personally have a bit too much of the academic temperament. This is a big kick in the ass to me to DO something with my ideas, instead of just kick 'em around a lot.

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