thread: 2005-07-27 : Roll the Bones

On 2005-12-03, Erik wrote:

Thanks for all the comments.

Merkel plays a bit of a sly game: he uses the latest brain and behaviour research to support the Jungian assertion that we enter the world with a network of symbols hard-wired into us.

I think that the behavourist/Freudian assumptions about childhood are seriously flawed: we enter this world with complex schemas about handling the world, behaviour, and language inborn.  But that does not mean that Jung's theories of archetypes is thereby proven.

I tried to make Merkel work for adults, but I could not.
However, I see his take on "Homo Ludens" at work every day in my teaching.  A lot of the disfunctional behaviour I witness between parent and child could be blamed on the adult misunderstanding the game that the child is playing.


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