thread: 2005-12-03 : I Cop to Hyperbole

On 2005-12-05, Vincent wrote:

How much traffic a forum sees, proportional or otherwise, is a terrible way to judge its value.

This thread is for linking to good, productive threads in RPG Theory and GNS. The conversation about whether closing the forums was a good thing belongs here instead: Closing GNS and RPG Theory is Good.



This makes SCS go "and with several days to answer the question..."
We're now up to 16 threads. Out of about 650 over the year in question.

This makes SF go "Judging focus, not value"
I think Tony's using "what percentage of person X's posts are in Y forum?" as a rough gauge of where a givn individual's time is spent and, therefore, where their interest lies. That time may be wasted and that interest may be born of frustration, absolutely.

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