thread: 2005-12-03 : I Cop to Hyperbole

On 2005-12-05, Ron Edwards wrote:

I think this whole dichotomy of designers/not-designers is fucked from the start. I've never supported such an outlook at the Forge, and bluntly, a lot of people have misrepresented the site by saying that.

Look at the primary goal of the site: to support AND PROMOTE independent role-playing games. Working design is a function of working play.

We generate a community of working, thinking, high-enjoyment play. Working design then becomes an outcome of that.

The more people involved in that first-layer, foundational community, the better. Not all of them have to be designers; in fact, I'd consider it grossly unhealthy if the majority were designers.

I can't believe I have to explain this. Andy, for fuck's sake, you absolutely embody this principle in action. Sometimes I think your actions should somehow be made visible on-line, so people wouldn't be distracted from what you're actually doing and accomplishing because of some verbal mis-phrase that cropped up.


This makes CRN go "Just to note..."
Me and Ron don't really disagree. If you're seriously playing independent RPGs, you're either being a big help and need good knives, or you'll be a chef soon enough, anyway.

This makes RE go "Yeah"
It's incredibly easy to seem as if we disagree when one says aBBB and the other says AAAb - we are both saying "AB"

This makes SCS go "sous chefs?"
That is, the game designers? The people with the rich actual play experiences being the heads of the kitchen?

This makes JB go "folks, it is possible to kill a metaphor..."

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