thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-12-25, GamerChick wrote:

Ah, oops. I have the comments on an RSS feed (and hate the comment spams), and didn't grok the thread before I answered a local-ish gamer.

I'm Jae, 51, female, hard-core gamer of 20-plus years.  No kids, but an adorable granddaughter. Yes, I know that makes no sense, but I love being able to say it. Single and seeking a gamer to spend my life with (and resigning myself to growing old alone).

I run a weekly horror game (Chill), and am very happy with the game and players, not so much the rules.  I'm contemplating trying to develop my own cinematic horror game.  My playes blog at Deadly Detroit and they are just amazing.  I'm humbled and thrilled at the magic we're making together.

Until the past couple of years I was blissfully ignorant of the indy gaming scene, but attending the Game Design seminar at Gencon 2005 has shaken up my paradigms big time.  I read the Forge from time to time, and Vincent's blog regularly.  I had the pleasure of meeting Vincent at the seminar, and Vincent, you are feckin' brilliant.  I'm still trying to grok DitV.

As I mentioned above, I've played with Paul Czege & his delightful wife Danielle, both "My Life With Master" and "Prime Time Adventures".  I almost got them to guest in my Chill game, but Michigan weather thwarted us.  I'm still hoping, because horror is my best thing.

I play in a weekly D&D 3.5 game - I cordially loathe the system, but love the GM, the players and the excellent story focus.  I believe you can have great fun in any system, but some systems make you work harder for it.

I created (with the help of some wonderfully creative people) the RPGA's "Living Force" (Star Wars) campaign, and while I ran it the campaign was character and story focused, with an epic Star Wars feel.  I'm not responsible for the atrocities committed after I was fired (three days before Christmas, 2003) and yes, I'm very bitter.  Though not so bitter I couldn't help write the final trilogy for the campaign.

I help run a local role playing club (Capital Area Role Players), and am doing my best to keep bringing new people, especially women, into the hobby.

Okay, enough already.  I keep a gaming blog and a life blog, and update neither often enough. Here I am, halfway through a bottle of pretty decent Shiraz, responding to blog posts on Christmas eve, which should pretty much define my life.


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