thread: 2006-01-17 : Hurt and Abandonment

On 2006-01-17, Meguey wrote:

Gaah. I'm going to have to write my scathing blast at the 'macho yang' thing, aren't I? Yeeash. :)


This makes BR go "Just so long as its a yin blast"
That way when everyone else is weakened, I can take over as Lord Macho Man Man Macho Man

This makes MT go "What's the gist of your blast, Meg?"

This makes MB go "Blast-lite"
Basically, the quick slide from push/pull, which nicely has no gender assosiations, to yin/yang, with has heavy gender steryotyping, sucks.

This makes WMW go "Agreed. But the gender stuff was"
there from post one. Even if only in subtext. Better to confront it.

This makes BR go "The gender stuff..."
in the first post was about socilization and conflict. I'm not sure exactly why others talk about it like it is essentialist.

This makes JH go "Just keep the timing in mind :)"
The term "macho nar" predates the first Push-Pull essay by about a month.

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