thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Vincent wrote:

So, is this kind of co-ownership more or less painful than the "surprise! You used to have a lover in Jamaica, and my guy was boinking her too!" kind?


This makes WMW go "Way different"
This is "what matters to your character". That was "what's true about your character". Big difference.

This makes VB go "so... harder or easier this way?"
Feel free to reply in the thread proper, not just here in marginalia.

This makes BR go "Mark, would you not..."
Say what I'm saying, before I say it, better, and in fewer words? ;)

This makes WMW go "Hey, we macho yangers do that."

This makes VB go "of course you mean..."
We boy boy boy-boys.

This makes WMW go "With our nasty pointy d4s"

This makes BR go "V, that's not correct!"
Macho = Man, Dysfunctional Prick = Boy. We're men. Manly men. Men so manly we aren't afraid to wear pink tutus.

This makes MB go "Dude..."
*I'm* afraid to wear a pink tutu - what does that make me?

This makes LP go "What kind of d4s?"
Caltrops or rice stalks?

This makes BL go "I wear pink tutus 3d10"

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