thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Levi Kornelsen wrote:

For my own use, calling in that stake would be a swift road to getting challenged by my players in just the same ways I challenge them.

...I should explain that, before Vincent boots me.

When my players win a conflict, I often lean back in my chair, look them straight in the eye, and say "All right, you've won.  Now, tell me what you've won.  What's the scene?" and they get a deer-in-the-headlights look for a second, and then they create.  It's awesome.

I guarantee they'd do exactly the same to me.  And they'd expect me to respect the consensus and the characters and everything just the same as we expect them to when they 'tell me what they've won.'

So.  On those grounds, I like it.  A lot.


This makes LBK go "Whoop, missed the question direct."
I read that as "they go up as stakes in the conflict.", not as "they're assigned, flat out." That... Huh. That changes it, and I need to think about WHY.

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