thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Mark W wrote:

In marginalia, Vincent asked if the "lover in Jamaica" or the "have a relationship" kind of input was more difficult. I dunno. I guess I see different axes that different people will approach in different ways.

The "lover in Jamaica" aspect is an interaction with the same kind of character ownership that DIP/DAS talk is usually about - whether the player comes to the table with a character already defined in their head, and play is a process of revealing that character, or whether play is a process of discovering that character.

The "here, have a Relationship" aspect is more neutral with respect to that - the new Relationship can be taken as just a tool for revealing the character, or as a way of defining a new aspect of the character.

I don't see either as terribly much harder than the other, but I'm also not picky about DIP/DAS issues or other sorts of ownership stuff. I think that "have a relationship" is probably more fruitful in terms of being a seed for creativity than "have some facts" is, but that's an inarticulate hunch at this point.


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