thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Vincent wrote:

So is the difference we're seeing between me (for instance) and Fred (for instance) that I see this thing you're saying, Brand, as desirable, and Fred doesn't?

The difference, I suppose, or a difference.



This makes VAX go "It's not that, precisely"
These things aren't binary switches. If I find that my ownership of the character is more valuable to me than the coherency and meaning of the story, that doesn't mean that I don't value the story. Let me say it again... When you take away (or ask for) some of my control over my character, what am I getting in return? It's not a rhetorical question! I'm really asking... what do I get in return? Is it the same thing back, except degraded because it's coming from your character, which I value less than my own*? If so, it's going to be a hard sell. If I'm getting something else... tell me. If I value it more than what you're asking me to give up, I'll gladly give it up. The only difference between you and I, Vincent, is that we have different price lists.

This makes VAX go "Asterix"
* I value my character more than yours, because it's my character. The same thing goes for my car, my house, my kids. If I own it, then I care more what happens to it than things I don't own. I hope this isn't a difficult thing to grasp.

This makes SLB go "Among the things you (could potentially) get back"
is some of that sense of ownership applied to other players' characters. Instead of just owning your small piece of the story, and defending it against all comers, you own a share of the whole story.

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