thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Brand Robins wrote:

Considering your ideas for playerless and playerful play, Vincent, I think you at least consider the idea something cool to play with in your head.

Others of us, however, are still trying to get from "where I used to be" to "where I want to be" and aren't always sure where either was. I'm not talking Fred here, either, so much as I'm talking me.

I, traditionally, have a very iffy relationship to RPing as a player in games where the whole "acting and revealing" thing is important as I'm not an immersivist nor a good actor, and so my level of dicomfort with that makes me look eagerly to new modes.

OTOH, players who like that mode, or are good at it, may be uneasy at some level with talk about the new thing because it challanges their notions about why they play. Hell, it could happen even if they don't like that mode (really) because they still think that is what RP is about.

So on we come to the Lord Nar Yanger's blog and he's talking all this crazy shit, and we're trying to catch up, and I get all jazzed and others get all squeed, and then we all try to figure out why.


This makes BR go "So, that all means: Yes, but..."

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