thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, SDL wrote:

I'm new to all this, i know, but i think it might be important to consider just what this "roleplaying" thing is, at least as it pertains to this issue, here and now.

Something along the lines of:

You have gamers that focus on this idea of "roleplaying", playing roles, immersing, discovering and sharing characters, and all that jazz for sure.

But you probably also have gamers who play these sort of games in a fundamentally different way, or want to. Maybe something you could think of as strategy with characters and drama?

So i'm echoing what Brand posted above (sorry), but i am trying to call attention to the "hey we might just have two different things going on here" aspect of the whole discussion. If you can see what i mean?


This makes SDL go "Separate from GNS..."
..and all that, i think!

This makes BR go "I think we have more than two."
And as we go, I think we'll end up with yet more. Really, I know lots of people that play to play THEIR CHARACTER. What happens when we've got games that don't have characters anymore? Can we call their games and those the same thing anymore?

This makes SDL go "right, exactly"

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