thread: 2006-01-17 : Hurt and Abandonment

On 2006-01-17, Roger wrote:

Both this thread and Meg's are making less and less sense to me.

In my opinion, it is literally insane to get this upset over imaginary fictional people doing imaginary fictional things.  A key component of sanity is the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

I have no other reason to question the sanity of anyone here, and so results my cognitive dissonance.


This makes SDL go "I figure..."
that it really doesn't work that way for most of us. where do you draw the line between fiction and reality? And how "hard" do you draw it?

This makes BR go "So, a hypothetical...."
You know someone at your table, IRL, was abused as a child. Do you then setup a session in which you will have hard-core child abuse happening as part of the IC session?

This makes RC go "I see."
The most extreme examples are usually the most clear. Thanks.

This makes SM go "So, every cry at a movie?"

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