thread: 2006-01-17 : Hurt and Abandonment

On 2006-01-18, Brand Robins wrote:

I don't know that I could be hurt by the fiction of an RPG, but I know for a fact I've been hurt by the social crap around RPGs. I know others who have too.

Sometimes the place where the two blend into each other makes it impossible to say which is which, I think. Especially if you are putting yourself into the fiction with passion and intensity. (Double so if you're getting all Mirror stage/Imago with your character.)

Thus, even years ago before I was sold on Big Model and other Forge theory, I was the social contract aspect of RPGs and not putting up with crap.

Of course, I'm in an odd place towards "Nobody Gets Hurt." I think its a good rule for Sim games, at least, and always a good rule for social level stuff. For Nar games, dealing with the fiction only, I think it can be used as an excuse to be "wimpy," but then I think any generic social rules set can be used for cowardice and dysfunction. I don't know that it is inherent to this set.

But then, that supports Chris Edward's point, I guess—I see a need for it where I've seen and felt the damage, and don't where I haven't.


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