thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-18, Kintara wrote:

I had an idea while reading a thread on the HQ forum on The Forge.  I had the idea that what if Hero Points were only to be spent by players on other players, and that you would both bump the conflict and apply that point towards advancement as the spending player saw fit.  The players would get a set amount of HP at the start, say 2, and it would be a closed economy.  Hero Points would go into the recieving player's pool of points for next session.  So spending Hero Points rewards players for doing things they enjoy; even if the spending player decides to bump against the receiving player they still get a point of advancement from it.

I think it also allows for an interesting meter for the GM.  If the GM keeps track of who gets what, how, and how many, then the GM has a cheat sheet right there telling him what the players are interested in, and who might need some more attention (if the player is getting cut out of the economy, then all he needs to do is just start framing conflicts with that character like crazy until he catches up).

I suppose I'm posting this as a comparison to Vincent's DitV tweak.  This would the same sort of push/pull co-ownership stuff, right?  I think that the interesting thing about push/pull is the possibility for players to create their own reward economy independant of the GM (if the game even has one).


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