thread: 2006-01-17 : More Character Co-ownership

On 2006-01-18, Dave wrote:

Fred - I'm not trying to pick on you. Let me say that up front. Half of me agrees completely with you, the other half is like Brand - still catching up but totally excited about the idea.

Your comment about handing the character sheets around in a circle made me think about this thread about character creation. So, you'd be totally okay with the kind of co-ownership that Vincent is talking about if you made the characters like you do in Shooting the Moon?

Because, it seems like, its a small jump from that to the "agreed-upon" co-ownership of Vincent's pirate game in the other thread here, and maybe an even smaller jump to the kind of DitV we're talking about here, as long as you're told about it early enough. I mean, if, during character generation in DitV, the GM just tells all the players that one of their traits or relationships is going to be defined by the person on their left (so now, during generation, its no longer your solely-owned character) does that make the kind of in-game co-ownership being talked about here more palatable?


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