thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-25, Vincent wrote:

Lots to cover.

I'm'a start here:

Fred, you are so close you can taste it. SO close.

Here's what I want you to do. Take "I have the spotlight" in you mind's right hand, and "my character has the spotlight" in your mind's left hand. Hold your hands far apart from one another; turn your head to the left to look at "my character has the spotlight," then turn your head to the right to look at "I have the spotlight." Move your hands around, independently, just to make certain that they aren't still touching one another. See? Two things. You can see where they CAN fit together if you choose to fit them together, but you can also see how they're independently whole.

You said: "[Vincent's] saying that we should let the story unfold, and if the story demands it, cede dominance to one or two players for the duration of the story."

I say: We should let the story unfold, and if the story demands it, cede dominance to one or two CHARACTERS CHARACTERS CHARACFUCKINGTERS NOT PLAYERS CHARACTERS for the duration of the story.

Now, this is really serious. Next time you post here, Fred, in comments or in marginalia, I expect you to either a) demonstrate that you've understood this point as an answer to your concerns, or else b) ask me honestly to help you understand it. I'd recommend that you take some time to figure out which is appropriate. You may find it helpful to review some threads here and on the Forge; if you'd like me to recommend some, that's (b), and I'd be glad to.


This makes VAX go "Digesting. But..."
You seem to be saying, "Next time you post, either admit I'm right, or ask me to help explain to you how I'm right."

This makes VB go "Fred, I was very clear."

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