thread: 2006-02-09 : A Question for J

On 2006-02-09, Vincent wrote:

Also, The Game is a fascinating case. I contend: non-stylized, honest-to-god conflict.


This makes BL go "Damnit Vincent!"
I just lost!

This makes ethan go "I lose too."
You realize this could cascade into the biggest marginalia ever as every reader chimes in to avoid cheating.

This makes Curly go "By the time you read this..."
...I'll have won!

This makes dhs_rr go "...loses"

This makes SLB go "I lost"

This makes SLB go "I lost again"
Man, am I going to have to stop reading anyway.?

This makes AJF go "Wipeout."

This makes BL go "I really need to write about this game at some point"
It has fascinating parallels to some RPGs. Also, I just lost. And got a hit from the reward mechanism. yrs-- --Ben

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