thread: 2006-02-09 : A Question for J

On 2006-02-10, Meguey wrote:

Gregor's right. Thanks for the link, Chris - I saw it in time to save myself the rewriting of the rules :)

Although I get what you're saying, J, about competing with the person before you, it's odd in that each person isn't trying to go against the next or last, but trying to understand and go with them. Another 'is it a game' would be Blind-Mind Pictures, in which person A draws a picture while telling other people as much detail as possible about where/what A is drawing:

"In the middle of the paper side-to-side, but in the top half, draw a square that's about an inch on each side, with the edges parallel to the edges of the paper. Put an equilateral triangle touching the top of the square so that the bottom of the triangle is slightly longer than the top of the square. In the center of the square, draw a smallish circle. At the bottom of the square, make two parallel lines coming down. At the bottom of the lines, cross them with a zigzagy line."

Does your picture look like mine? If so, we both win!


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