thread: 2006-02-09 : A Question for J

On 2006-02-10, Vaxalon wrote:

"Eat Poop You Cat" (that's how I heard it titled) is a game that's an evolution of "telephone".

The first player takes a sheet of paper, and writes something (anything, really) across the top.  He hands it to the second player.

The second player DRAWS A PICTURE that illustrates the line of text, and then folds the text back, so that the third player won't see it.

The third player writes a line of text that describes the illustration, and then folds the illustration down so that the fourth player can't see it.

And so on, until the paper is full.

The last player is always a text player.  The reward of play is to unfold the paper so that everyone can marvel at the disfunctional communication.

It's at its best when everyone involved is actually TRYING to accurately portray their image/text as text/image, because if someone just mucks about, it will be evident when the sheet is revealed, and will spoil the fun for everyone.  That being said, "What were you *thinking*?" is a common question to ask during the endgame.

Fortunately, you don't have to actually PLAY to get a lot of enjoyment out of the game:


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