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On 2006-02-10, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Yeah. There's something about cooperative play, like Hackeysack, say, that my model doesn't completely encompass.

Do games have to be challenging? I don't think so. There are games of chance.

... I'm stickin' with my definition until someone comes up with one that covers more types of games than mine does, without encompassing other, non-game things.


Maybe "An abstract endeavor with an uncertain course of events?"

"Abstract", because looking for tubers is clearly not a game (though tuber-looking could be a method of game play).

"Endeavor", because it's something you do; games that play themselves aren't games. When you have computers square off in RoShamBo or chess, it's because you're trying to make them act like people.

"Uncertainty", because I can play chess with someone much better than me, and I'm certain that I'll lose, but I still don't really know what's going to happen in the course of the game.

"Course of events" because the outcome is not what's important; it's "how you play the game". If the end-result of winning a poker game is that I get to feed my family, it doesn't make Poker not a game.

By specifying any of those, you get different types of game.

For instance, the form of uncertainty can be conflict between people or it can be rolling 2d6. The course of events can be "a ball is hit over a net, and if you don't hit it back, your opponent gets 15 points." Or it can be, "If I roll a 7, I win."



This makes GH go "About Hacky sack..." New Zealand it's almost like a National Sport, and Morgue goes on and on about it. I joke that the Scottish record for Hacky sack is 1 (i.e. kick bag over nearest fence). Just an aside. :-)

This makes NinJ go "I haven't played in a while..."
... but I love the game. Nonetheless, there's a lot of conflict between players to show each other up. But you certainly don't lose when not showing anyone up; it's much worse to do something beyond your capabilities and stop the game.

This makes MSW go "conflict in HS"
I think maybe the conflict is mutually shared by the players against gravity. Whoever's kicking at the time, that's their spotlight episode.

This makes NinJ go "Hackeysack as a resolution mechanic"
... writing this explanation has given me a stroke.

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