thread: 2006-02-16 : Throwing It Open: Color

On 2006-02-16, Mark W wrote:

Hey, Thor. It was actually your post and another remark somewhere or other about "transforming color into system" that got me cogitating.

My specific quandary: I'm working on a game about high school. I know I want to structure it with events, rather like the Roach does. Now, these Events have System functions, and I know what those are, but I'm wrangling like mad with how tightly to define the color for them. Should the Event where you have conflicts focused around belonging and social status always be "Out on the Town"? I have the way I would color it at my own table, but I can see a whole bunch of alternatives.

I can also see that changing it has ripples, and that those ripples may not always be apparent to people who are Not Me.


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